Business Registration

We provide company registration and business consulting services for companies to seek an establishment of business in China. We offer a comprehensive guideline for the company registration process to help guide you through every level of complicated processes in any language you are comfortable in.


Accounting & Tax

If you do need a professional consultant agent in China, we help run your company, and take charge of all your accounting needs, tax filling and do all the correspondence with the government and relevant bureaus regarding your company. We will appoint a top national company to represent you at a very reasonable price, saving your money over years.


Visa Service

We provide China Visa support and a variety of consulting services for foreigners who wish to enter, work, invest or reside in China. Each type of visa is different, long-duration and complicated. Considering that your application may be denied due to various reasons, to ensure the application properly prepared and submitted, we offer step-by-step service for our clients.


Trademark & Copyright

With trademark application, enterprises may enjoy legal protection on their products and services in China with a trademark application, allowing their brands to secure sustainable footholds in China market. We provide professional  copyright registration service to help clients avoid cumbersome process and save their time.


Legal Service

We are able to provide quality, efficient and practical legal services for our clients with the highest international standard in Chinese and English,and mainly engage in providing legal services in relation to domestic and foreign commerce,  finance, securities, merger and acquisition, investment, and intellectual property.



We are familiar with various Chinese banks which own investment background, providing the different Chinese banking services. Clients can choose different bank service packages, such as capital account opening, RMB basic account opening, tax deduction account opening, signing three part tax deduction agreement, external loan registration, and etc.

We has many years world-leading service experience, providing the quickest and simplest way to help you with Business Registration In China.



We cooperate with plenty of partners such as banks, private equities, fund management companies, which allows us to provide our clients with integrated financing services. We expertise in various financing services, onshore & offshore financing, Trade finance solutions, and Cross-border capital channel.

Merger & Acquision

We have the qualified expertise in the following areas:M&A Strategy, Acquisition Target/ Buyer Search & Screening, Due Diligence, Acquisition Strategy, Business Valuation, Negotiation Support, Transaction Structure Designing. Based on our strong network of legal, audit, human resources, transaction services, real estate brokerage, we offer customized transnational M&A plan, and the services.

We specialize in company registration with 10 years experiences.



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